Toilet Bath Flooring

Every room in your house is important. But the bathroom is one of the most integral places in a home. Apart from the heavy foot traffic it receives, it also has high moisture and humidity level. It is why you need to install quality flooring in this area.


Many homeowners today are opting to do tile installation in the bathroom. Not only can it withstand wear and tear for a long time, but it also adds aesthetics to your bathroom, making it look more appealing.

 Plus, there are many patterns, styles, and designs individuals can choose from, some are even dedicated to ensuring safety by preventing slips and falls.

But, installing tiles requires a professional who has experience in doing it. If installed poorly, it can be dangerous and won’t last long. If you are looking for a tile flooring installation near me, look no further. Saint Paul Flooring is a popular company known to offer excellent bathroom flooring installation services. Our technicians have experience installing different bathroom tiles that leave our customers happy.

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Why Do We Recommend Tile Flooring for Bathroom?

 A common question we get from our customers is “Which flooring should they install in our bathroom?

Tiles are the best flooring for bathroom for various reasons, including;

  •      It don’t attract dirt or dust
  •      It can withstand heavy foot traffic for many years to come
  •      It adds aesthetics to the bathroom floor
  •      It can withstand moisture

 – Are an affordable option

Once a customer is convinced that tile flooring is the best for their bathroom, the other thing they want to know is the type of tiles to buy. Now, there are a variety of bathroom floor tiles. But note that some factors will determine the right type for your bathroom. While most people concentrate on aesthetics, this alone isn’t a reason to opt for one style over the other. Check whether the type offers the above benefits and if it’s slip-resistant. Note that bathrooms are mostly wet, and it can be dangerous if your tiles are slippery. That said, here are some best types to choose from;

This is the best tile for the bathroom floor as it comes in various designs and is affordable. One can also customize it to suit their preference

They come in slate and marble designs. If you want to create a natural look, this is the best option.

They are suitable for small bathrooms as they add dimension and depth.


For those who are looking for beauty, these tiles are the best as they easily blend with other parts of your bathroom. Therefore, you can customize as per your taste.

Installing tiles in the bathroom is different from regular tile installation. Our experts will first assess your bathroom to ensure that it is solid and stable. Then they will install waterproof and plan the shower layout, then carefully cut the tiles to ensure that they fit.

They will then mix water and tile mortar correctly, then apply on the floor. After, they will set your tile correctly and lay out the mosaic sheets. Our last step will be to prepare the tiles for grouting. After, we will clean them properly to ensure a beautiful neat look.

After, we will clean them properly to ensure a beautiful neat look.

Sure, you can do these steps on your own. But it will be time-consuming, and you can easily mess up, especially if you don’t have experience. It’s why you need a professional flooring service like us. We do bath flooring in Saint Paul and areas within.

If you are looking for flooring services near me, we’re here for you. Apart from installation, we also do bathroom tile repair. Whether you want our friendly experts to show you how to repair bathroom tile or install your bathroom tiles, we assure you that you won’t regret our services.