Tile Repair In Simple Steps

Tile Repair In Simple Steps

Do you need to repair cracked tiles? There are many ways to do this but using grout and epoxy is the most usual method. The process of tile repair is easy. This article will give a clear step-by-step guide that you can follow to fix broken tiles by yourself without replacing them.

What are the causes of tile damage?

With time, tiles can break or develop cracks. Tiles may also be damaged during transit, or heavy objects falling on a tiled floor. Regardless of the damage, there is always a solution.

How can you tell when to repair tiles?

Cracks, chips, pits, and broken grout around a tile are some of the signs that can tell you that it is time to repair your tiles. It is recommendable to repair your tiles immediately you see any of these signs.

Tools and materials required

Replacement tile in case the damage is beyond repair

The above-listed materials are readily available in local stores. However, if any of them is not available locally, you can order them online.

How do you repair a cracked tile?

The process of repairing a cracked tile is not complicated at all. If you carefully follow the guide below, you can quickly repair a cracked tile without professional help.

  • Clear dust and debris
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner, soap, water, and a scrub brush.
  • Remove any grout trapped between the tiles.
  • Using a putty knife, scrape out any old grout to set the reasonable ground for the fresh epoxy grout.
  • Apply grout to holes and cracks
  • The epoxy grout should fill up the whole tile crack. Be sure to fill up the crack until the tile underneath becomes invisible.

  • Leave the grout to dry

  • Leave the grout to dry for 48 hours before washing the tiles to avoid making them loose and eventually coming out.

  • Apply sealer

Tile repair is incomplete without applying tile sealant, which gives the tile a smooth surface that is easy to clean. The tile sealant protects the tile from damage and keeps your cover free from dirt, stains, and dust.

If you keenly follow the above guide, your tile floor should look as good as new.

How long does tile repair take?

The above repair procedure will take you only a few hours to complete. However, the time it takes to complete repairing cracked tiles will depend on the magnitude of tile damage. Also, remember that you should leave the epoxy to dry for a period of between 24 to 48 hours before using your tile floor again.

What is the cost of repairing damaged tiles?

Tile repair costs vary according to your location and the expertise of your service provider.


Immediately you notice any tile damage on your floors, contact a professional tile installer to assess the damage and work on it to avoid further damage. For more tips and tricks, contact us because we, as saint Paul floors, are here for you. Call us at: (651) 314-3099.