Tile Installation During the Pandemic

Tile Installation During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. Homeowners, businesses, communities, and jobs have all been seriously affected. Many homeowners have lost their jobs due to businesses in communities going out of business or remote. Our nation has seen change because of this pandemic and the only thing we can do now is to come back together as a nation to create a new normal.

Now Is The Perfect Time For Home Improvements

Many homeowners have been struggling due to a lack of work. As they look around their homes they may find several projects and repairs that need to be done. If you are a homeowner that is working from home, or just stuck home because of the pandemic now might be the perfect time to get some of that work done. Just think you can be there to supervise as the crew works. You wouldn’t be able to do that if you were stuck at work!

Give Your Home A New Look

Tile installation is one of the most common projects homeowners face. That old floor, that outdated bathroom, that kitchen wall. Making a change in your home can really help to lift your spirits. You are stuck home more now so it’s more important than ever to love the way your home looks and feels. Imagine walking on a brand new wood tile or ceramic tile floor? You won’t see that damaged old floor again. How nice that would be! It would make you feel good during these trying and depressing times. We’re here to help with all your tile installation needs and we really want you to feel good in your home again. Saint Paul Floors cares.

Save Money By Removing Old Tile Yourself

We understand that the pandemic has taken a financial toll on just about everyone. The pandemic has been difficult for our business as well. Due to this, we have been encouraging homeowners to do some of the work themselves if they can. Many of our clients are able to remove the old flooring or tile. We advise that DIY tile removal will save money because we of course do not charge for work that you do yourself.

We Can Work With Any Budget

If you are able to prepare your own surfaces for wood tile installation, ceramic tile installation, or vinyl floor tile installation you will pay half the cost. Saint Paul Floors will come in and professionally install new wood tile, ceramic tile, or vinyl tile to replace what you have removed. If you cannot do the removal of the old tile yourself don’t worry. Of course, we can help you with that and gladly will but we do charge for removal services. No worries though as we are willing and able to work with any budget. Saint Paul Floors has a wide selection to choose from and can meet the needs of any budget in style.

Our Team Is Professional and Respectful

Our team of professional tile installers takes pride in the quality of their work. They never leave a mess behind in your home. They are always courteous and respectful. We value our customers for without them we would not be in business. We care about your home just as much as you do and want to see you love our work. Are you ready for that updated bathroom yet?

We Take Precautions Regarding The Virus

We know and understand that the pandemic has us all concerned with any type of contact with people. Rest assured that we take all sorts of virus-related precautions. Our team has been fully trained to keep everyone safe and will take the necessary steps to ensure that safety.


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