It is overwhelming choosing tiles for your bathroom from the color, texture, shape, and design. However, the appealing impression is equally important as the functional benefits of tiles; unique styles are being manufactured to provide the buyers with different varieties.

Based on the shapes, patterns, color, and finishes, some of the new trend bathroom tiles that we have analyzed and you should check out are as follows.

1. Graphic Patterns Tiles

Already a massive trend in bathroom tiles last year, these tiles will continue being popular in 2022. They are perfect for the walls and floors in any room, especially in the bathrooms. Those with a creative bone in them will get creative with these tiles, for they give you the chance to get creative or contact a designer who will be creative. This year, bold colors and prints tiles are to be expected.

2. Matte Finishes Tiles

Matte finish tiles are elegant and sophisticated and are still on-trend bathroom tiles. Unlike the glossy tiles, the matte tiles don’t easily show watermarks and smudges, thus ideal in busy bathrooms. Matte finish tiles are easier to manage due to their low polish and earthy style. Since they do not reflect light, there should be sufficient artificial and natural light in the installed room.

3. Neutral Tiles

Neutral tiles are neutral colors such as beige and grey, popularly known as harmonizing neutrals. These tiles are the most preferred by homeowners and the trend in bathroom tiles for both the floors and walls. These colors are suitable for the bathrooms since they bring about a relaxation aura. On the other hand, white (a neutral color) is perfect for bathrooms that need more brightness.

4. Subway Tiles with more glam and style

Subway tiles will take 2022 by a storm is the new trend bathroom styles with new sizes, design patterns, more color away from their traditional tedious nature. They are perfect for mix-matching in any captivating variation to get a unique design for the bathroom.

5. Dimensional Tiles

Dimensional tiles will no longer be the traditional rectangular shapes but in different geometrical shapes in 2022. As a result, shapes like the hexagon are finding their way back on the bathroom floors in different textures, sizes, and colors, bringing about an exceptional appearance.


Geometrical tiles will help improve the insight of space in small bathrooms when paired with neutral-colored tiles. When used in large bathrooms, these tiles will form crafty accents both on the floor and walls.

6. Wood Planks

Natural elements in the bathroom are now becoming the trend in bathroom tiles. Wood planks are easily customized, and most people are doing so to best suit your preference. Porcelain wood grain tiles offer water and satin resistance, thus becoming the ideal bathroom floor tiles. In addition, the wood planks can be mix-matched with concrete and stone planks to give your bathroom floor an unexpected but exceptional style.

7. Marble Tile Flooring

Famous for its spectacular luxurious exquisiteness, marble is a high-end natural rock that comes with its unique style and color. Marble tiles are the current trends for bathroom tiles due to their appealing look with different pattern slabs and colors to select from. They are most popular in large bathrooms, where it complements the design imprinted on them.

8. Textural Tiled Finishes

Depending on the desired color, the material used, and the finish applied, textural tiles can appear pronounced or delicate. However, these tiles will add color depth, surface interest, and variation to the bathroom floor. Types like the 3D dimensional tiles and raked tiles are pieces of art that bring about elegance in the bathroom.

9. Metallic Finishes

The metallic finishes of the upcoming on-trend bathroom tile 2022 give the floors and walls an edgy yet gorgeous look due to their reflectiveness and shine. This bathroom trend is not common, but we will see more of it in the coming years as more people get accustomed to it.

10. Large tiles

Manufacturers are creating larger tile formats for the bathroom walls and kitchens. They are budget-friendly; therefore, they can replace the stone planks used mainly in the bathrooms. However, this is an on-trend bathroom tile that is difficult to install, and there are fewer experienced and qualified installers for the job.

11. Modern Tiles

A new trend of bathroom tiles is the modern ones that are clean and sleek with more contemporary patterns with designs resembling genuine natural stones. In addition, manufacturers are creating porcelain planks that will resemble concrete. This will boost the modern tiles, making them similar and realistic, yet they aren’t.

12. Shaped Tiles

Using different shapes to develop a current trend mosaic appearance through perfect coordination, mixing, and matching is on-trend bathroom tiles. Stunning, bold, and sophisticated geometric looks are produced. The different shapes in your bathroom will bring character to your bathroom floors, walls, and backsplash.


It is a challenge to choose the perfect bathroom tiles due to the wide variety present in the market today. You have to consider a choice of material, shape, color, and finish. We hope that the bathroom tiles trend 2022 listed above will assist when choosing tiles for your bathroom that are right fit.