Color Trends for Your Home in 2021

Color Trends for Your Home in 2021

It’s time to update your home with the latest color trends. What does the future look like? When it comes to decorating your floor installation, you can bet there are plenty of people asking this question, including homeowners who don’t even know where to begin their search for new floor installation.


That’s where we can help. Our company, Saint Paul Flooring, specializes in helping shoppers find and purchase the very best flooring around: beautiful hardwood, elegant vinyl, hardwood floor installation, vinyl floor installation, tile floor installation, wood floor installation, and classic tile that will be sure to give your home a fresh new look for years to come. Today we’re going to talk about some of the hottest color trends for 2021, and why they’re so great.


At Saint Paul Flooring located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we focus on color trends for both today and tomorrow. We’re your one-stop-shop for floor installation, and our price quotes are always 100% free. Our focus on many color shades will make sure you feel good, from a soft, approachable blue, to a green that is the envy of nature itself.

Calm and Comforting colors for your home

In general, wall colors that have a gray base are going to be big in 2021, but if you want to get specific, there are certain shades of gray that will be particularly trendy. Pale greys with undertones of green or purple will be found throughout homes across America this year. After all, who can resist a tranquil blueish-gray? You’ll notice these colors popping up everywhere from the walls to the floors, and it all ties together for a chic new style.

Shades that ooze trust

In 2021, people will start to see a shift back towards the earth tones of the 70s and 80s. As time moves on, these colors are going to be more and more popular with homeowners across America, but there is one specific shade you’ll want to keep an eye out for clay red. It might sound harsh, but when paired with lighter undertones of sand or beige, this color looks great in almost every home. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

Bright hues are always inviting

While some shades may have been inspired by nature, others have been inspired by technology. If you want to welcome guests into your home with the perfect color palette, we recommend making a statement with blue and green tones. These shades may seem like opposites, but they work together perfectly and will keep visitors talking about your flooring for weeks to come.

Focus on well being

Tired of looking at the same old colors every day? If you want to shake things up in 2021, it’s time to focus on enhancing well-being. In other words: get ready for an influx of mood-boosting colors. From radiant yellows to cheerful pinks, these hues are going to make everyone feel better during their visit.

Gray is still trendy in 2021

While many people enjoy painting their rooms a bright new color, it’s important to remember that gray is still a very trendy choice. In fact, some of the most popular shades from 2016 are even more popular in 2021, including greige. With its blend of tan and grey undertones, this versatile hue will keep your home looking clean and sophisticated for years to come.

Designer Take away

Now is always an exciting time of year when it comes to interior design. If you want to make your home stand out from the rest in 2021, then these trends are a great place to start. The most popular color for flooring in 2021 is slate black and white. This simple but striking combination of shades is both elegant and timeless, and it looks perfect no matter where you place it. Pair this with a natural wood finish and you’ll have the perfect storm of modern color trends in your home.

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